Freshly baked scones from The English Cream Tea Company Scone Mix English Cream Tea Company Scone Mix Tin Set

Cream Tea Scone Mix

This is for 3 bags (including standard UK post). 

Each bag of Scone Mix makes 4-5 light, plump scones for your tea.  You'll just need to provide 2 eggs and a spoonful of butter (plus your favourite jam and cream or butter to eat with the warm scones!).  Oh and if you like a fruity scone, do add some sultanas or raisins from your store cupboard when you mix up your scone dough.  After they're made, you can then argue with your teatime companions as to whether it should be cream or jam first on your scone...and whether it's pronounced 'scone' or 'scon' (click here for our manners tips!).

Full instructions are on the pack and we promise this is a super-quick and easy way to rustle up teatime treats. If you've got a preheated oven, we think you can have finished scones from start to finish in less than 15 minutes!  That's nearly as fast as our Scone Gnomes!

We'll post out your packs by post as soon as possible after you order.  Add on a large red English Cream Tea tin to turn this into a great gift or a useful store cupboard tin too.

3 bags including standard post £10.00 BUY

Add large red English Cream Tea gift tin £8.00 BUY

Allergen advice: This Scone Mix contains wheat flour and therefore gluten. 

Any queries, ring us on 01279 876661 before ordering or consuming.