Giant Xmas Tree Brownie

Giant Xmas Tree Brownie

Made with our special, indulgent brownie recipe our Giant Christmas Tree Brownie is a feast for chocoholics. At 34cm high it would make a great table centrepiece and alternative to a Christmas Cake. Big enough to treat a whole team or a family it comes in a postable box so can be sent as a delicious present too!  Price includes UK FIRST CLASS POSTAGE.  

NB:  A GLUTEN FREE version can be requested too.

Giant Xmas Tree Brownie £39.00 BUY

Gluten Free Giant Xmas Tree Brownie £41.00 BUY

SHELF LIFE INFO:  The cooler you keep your Brownie, the longer it lasts:  3 months wrapped in a freezer (lots of people keep it there and cut pieces off each time the urge strikes!), 3 weeks wrapped in your fridge or 1 week wrapped, at room temperature...IF you can keep away from it that long! 

Ingredients: Contains gluten, dairy & eggs: Dark chocolate (includes cow’s milk and soya lecithin), eggs, caster sugar, wheat flour, butter and salt. 

Any queries, please call 01279 876661 prior to consuming. Always happy to help.