Health and Wellness Green Tea Blender's Kit

Health and Wellness Green Tea Blender's Kit

Ever wanted to become your own Tea Blender? 

This kit comes with a wonderful 'base tea' of Japanese Sencha (Kakagawa) Green Tea and then four powerful Enhancers to mix and match and blend up just the cup of tea your body craves.


Your Health and Wellness Green Tea Blender's Kit contains:


10 'brew bags' (like giant teabags)

Sencha (Kakagawa) Green Tea Base 20g approx

Organic Aromatic Egyptian Camomile 4g approx

Organic Sundried Ground Lemon 7g approx

Ginger Pieces 6g approx

Peppermint Willamette 4g approx


These are not medical products of course, but who doesn't love a ginger and lemon tea if they have a tickly throat.  If you need to wind down and feel calm, camomile is the Enhancer to choose.  Need to pep up and get going - then add a pinch or so of Peppermint to your green tea.

Extras of any of these ingredients can be found under the loose leaf tea section of this website. , then add a pinch or so of the dried Orange.  Like a more floral version?  Then add a little Lavender or Rose Petals and so on.  You can order extra ingredients if you need and we'll post them out to you with pleasure. 

including UK postage £20.00 BUY

PS  Just to mention, ahem, that a pinch or so of your favourite Enhancer in one of the brew bags might also be delicious in your Gin. Just sayin'! 

Any queries, please call 01279 876661 prior to consuming. Always happy to help.