Infusiast's Tea Caddy

Infusiast's Tea Caddy

12.8cm high by 8.8cm, this handy Caddy contains 16 pyramid tea bags in four blends:

* 4 English Breakfast tea

* 4 Earl Grey

* 4 Afternoon Tea with a hint of Citrus

* 4 Henry Norris CBE smoky black tea

These are best quality teas and you can even reuse each teabag more than once.  Try different teas at varying times of day or with different foods, like you would with pairing wine.

Choose from Red, Turquoise or Orange tea caddies - or order the lot!  Same teas in each caddy - just the external colour is different.

Price includes standard UK postage and we can include your personalised gift message if it's going to someone else.  Gift - sorted!

3 Tea Caddies - 1 of each colour £33.00 BUY

Orange coloured Tin £13.00 BUY

Red coloured Tin £13.00 BUY

Turquoise coloured Tin £13.00 BUY

Any queries about ingredients, do get in touch - always happy to help: T +44 (0) 1279 876661