Tea & Shortbread

Tea & Shortbread

A postable Orange coloured Gift Tin which can be used as a tea caddy too, containing two types of fine tea (4 silken pyramid teabags of each blend).

Your gift will contain two of the following:

Apple Pie Tea - tastes and smells like apple pie! Very comforting.

Chocolate Tea - just you wait until you try it; amazing aroma and flavour!

Earl Grey Tea - a favourite!

English Breakfast - the classic!

...accompanied by our melt in the mouth all-butter Shortbread.  For the Festive season it's 6 generous Shortbread Holly Leaves but rounds, teapots or hearts at other times of year!

SHELF LIFE: The shortbread lasts up to 3 weeks wrapped at room temperature but will keep for 5 months in the freezer. 

Tea lasts for up to 2 years!

Price includes standard class UK postage.

Who do you know that would enjoy tea and shortbread arriving by post in a charming orange tin? PS  The answer is EVERYONE! 


PS  Shortbread contains the allergens: gluten and butter

Tea & Shortbread gift tin in Orange £16.00 BUY