Tea Enhancing Ingredients

Tea Enhancing Ingredients

These powerful flavouring ingredients can transform the taste of any tea (or other liquid such as gin!).  A very little quantity brings about a change.  Try adding Rose Petals or Sweet Seville Orange Peel to Earl Grey - amazing!  Try Peppermint in Black Tea or Ginger in Egyptian Camomile.  Every cup of tea can be a different flavour adventure.  Use Brew Bags or a Teapot and Tea Strainer to infuse and enjoy these flavours. 

TUSCAN ROSE PETALS 10g ℮  Caffeine free Rose Buds and Petals from Tuscany, Italy

BLUE CORNFLOWER PETALS 10g ℮ Caffeine free Cornflower Petals from Provence, France

FRENCH LAVENDER 15g ℮ Caffeine free Lavender petals from Provence, France

SWEET AIR-DRIED SEVILLE ORANGE PEEL 35g ℮  Caffeine free Orange peel from Seville, France

GINGER PIECES 30g ℮  Caffeine free dried Ginger pieces from Thailand

ORGANIC AROMATIC EGYPTIAN CAMOMILE 20g ℮ Caffeine free Camomile from the Nile River Delta, Egypt

PEPPERMINT WILLAMETTE 20g ℮ Caffeine free Peppermint from Washington, USA

ORGANIC SUN-DRIED GROUND LEMON 35g ℮ Caffeine free Organic Lemon from the Nile River Delta, Egypt

Prices INCLUDE UK standard postage.


Blue Cornflower Petals £7.00 BUY

Dried Ginger Pieces £7.00 BUY

Egyptian Camomile £7.00 BUY

French Lavender £7.00 BUY

Peppermint Willamette £7.00 BUY

Sundried Ground Lemon £7.00 BUY

Sweet Air-Dried Seville Orange Peel £7.00 BUY

Tuscan Rose Petals £7.00 BUY

Any queries, please call 01279 876661 prior to consuming. Always happy to help.