Tea of the Month Subscription Gift

Tea of the Month Subscription Gift

Are you or someone you know a bit of a Tea lover?  Then this is the gift that keeps on giving!  REDUCED FOR A SPECIAL OFFER. 


The first initial delivery is a charming gift tin containing a tin of loose leaf tea, a tea strainer and stand, very cute sugar hearts and some delicious Butter Shortbread Teapots.  Then, every month for 11 more months, we'll post out a bag of different tea.  Sometimes it will be tea bags (the silken pyramid tea bag sort) and sometimes loose leaf - but they will never be the same one twice!  Each arrival will be labelled of course.  What fun - a year of exploring the world of tea.  Keep that kettle boiling!

PRICE INCLUDES STANDARD UK POST.   Please liaise with us if this gift is to go abroad and we'll work out the delivery aspect/cost for you.

Tea of the Month Subscription Gift £99.00 BUY

NB ALLERGENS  The shortbread contains butter and gluten (wheatflour and dairy) so let us know if that needs to be swapped for something if the recipient can't eat gluten or dairy. 


Any queries, please call 01279 876661 prior to consuming. Always happy to help.