Tea Sipper's Tin

Tea Sipper's Tin

Know someone who likes tea?  This is a charming gift tin containing an assortment of our 6 fine teas in a presentation gift tin.   There are 6 silken pyramid tea bags of each type.  PRICE INCLUDES STANDARD UK POST.


English Breakfast - a really good Harrogate/Yorkshire type of cuppa. It's usual to add milk.

Earl Grey - a very nice version of this classic that goes so well with Afternoon Tea.  Enjoy with or without milk, as you prefer.

Chocolate Tea - intriguing.  Amazingly chocolatey and yet it is a tea, not the same as hot chocolate at all.  Enjoy with or without milk.

Afternoon Tea with a hint of Citrus - this one tastes like a slice of lemon has been added to a light cup of tea.  Try it without milk.

Berry Fruit Fusion - not technically a tea and also caffeine free.  Full of delicious fruits, smells like raspberry jelly and comes out a pink colour! No milk to be added.  Can be turned into a very nice Cold Iced Tea style drink.

Henry Norris CBE blend - is very smokey and like a Russian Caravan/Lapsang Souchong type of blend. Our most unusual tea, this one. One cookery school uses it to smoke salmon!  Have it with or without milk when it's a cuppa.

Six different types of tea in a presentation tin £20.00 BUY

Any queries, please call 01279 876661 prior to consuming. Always happy to help.