Deluxe Jam and Tea Selection Tin

Deluxe Jam and Tea Selection Tin

Absolutely delicious (and as far from run-of-the-mill as you can get) range of preserves focussing on British ingredients...and our own blends of very fine teas too, posted out with our guide on teatime manners and how to make a perfect cuppa! 

We'll either send the 5 shown in the compilation photo OR you choose from the list the 3 preserves and 2 tins of tea you want.  At Payment stage, just type inside the 'delivery instructions box' which combination of our jams/tea you'd most like! We can add in your gift note if this is a present for some other lucky soul - and post these out (standard class).

Choose 3 x 113gm preserves:

  • Strawberry with a hint of Elderflower
  • Raspberry with a hint of Blackberry
  • Blackcurrant with a hint of Plum
  • Lemon Curd with a hint of Passionfruit
  • St Clements Orange and Lemon Marmalade


and choose 2 tins of fine Tea, each with 5 silken pyramid tea bags:


  • Afternoon Tea with a hint of Citrus - light, zesty and perfect with Cream Tea
  • Earl Grey with a hint of Rose - distinctive and a favourite
  • English Breakfast - classic and high quality
  • Apple Pie Tea - with cinnamon, dried apple and the full Apple Pie aroma!
  • Berry Fruit Infusion - caffeine free, fruitilicious and pink!!
  • Chocolate Tea - extraordinary - so chocolatey and yet a tea!
  • Henry Norris C.B.E. smoky tea blend - in honour of the Great Grandfather of The English Cream Tea Co's founder. Henry worked for 52 years at London's East/West India Docks (starting during Queen Victoria's reign) rising to be CEO of the Port of London Authority.  He kept teas/sugar coming in to Britain during the first World War and was made Commander of the British Empire by King George V.  He died in 1954 in his 102nd year!  This tea is made up of types being landed during Henry's time and blended to represent a gentleman who looked after thousands of men and 1000 yards of wooden warehousing filled with tea!


We now supply STORES and SHOPS with our ranges. Just call 01279 876661 to discuss WHOLESALE deliveries.

£22.00 BUY

This combination of 3 jams and 2 teas weighs under 1 kilo.  The price includes UK standard class Royal Mail.   

These products have an 18 month shelf life (except for the curd which is 9 months) and make excellent gifts to take to friends abroad too.  Keep preserves in the refrigerator after opening.