Our Story

“I started the English Cream Tea Company, recognising that it’s not always possible for everyone to travel to a great hotel, with the idea that a really super English Cream Tea could come to them instead.”

Hello, I’m Jane Malyon, founder of THE ENGLISH CREAM TEA COMPANYTM

As a child, I’d long for the weekend walk to Chigwell shops with my father and the ritual of choosing cakes in Kistrucks Bakery! I’d be entrusted to carry the ribboned box home, after which sandwiches would be made, prawns peeled and the kettle put on in readiness. With the fire set, we’d gather in the living room with copious cups of tea to enjoy family time and afternoon tea. BLISS. It would be all about talking, sharing and indulging. Similarly, we would go for family picnics – with all the paraphernalia that that involved! However, I treasure the memories to this day.

Fortunately for me, I married Roger, a wonderful chef, owner of Country Cuisine Ltd and www.barnevents.co.uk. It became our hobby to go to hotels wherever we were in the world, and try the afternoon tea experience. English Cream Tea done well is such a treat! After our two sons were born, we made a point of taking them once a year, all dressed up and excited, to wonderful London hotels – to enjoy white-gloved waiter service and traditional high tea with all the trimmings and etiquette involved. Now the lads are tall and grown, we still all meet for special tea outings whenever we can!

I started the English Cream Tea Company, recognising that it’s not always possible for everyone to travel to a great hotel, with the idea that a really super English Cream Tea could come to them instead. Not just some jam or clotted cream arriving by post, but the real London hotel-style experience, from the dainty sandwiches to the assorted cakes, scones, jam, cream….all prepared just for you and delivered, chilled, to your door! I launched the idea at a Key Person of Influence meeting in London in 2011 and by the end of the year, found we'd been awarded KPI Product of the Year. Fantastic!  We proudly gained the Guinness World Record as well, for the largest Tea Party ever in one location - and featured in the 2013 album.  Such fun!

In 2013 we also saw an increase in sales in one quarter up 500% compared to the previous year's quarter (thank you sooo much) - although that is definitely easier to achieve when you're still a small, quite new company! However, our next step, with the help of a small grant from Defra and the EU, was to develop the little barn in our grounds into The Sconery - a packing and packaging department! If you're quiet, you can surely hear the Scone Gnomes busy at work and singing the Scone Gnome Song - ssshh.

After that, we set to work on creating products suitable for posting (not just courier gifts) as well as creating a series of etiquette films, particularly for overseas friends who seem to be fascinated with our ancient British customs!!  However, interest from abroad has remained constant since our first launch day (when we got enquiries from 5 different countries - truly!) - so during 2016, we launched our first exportable range of gifts, suitable for retail and for sending abroad.  That's our focus at the moment and we've been attending trade shows to reach department stores, farmshops, delis and retail outlets.  Just this week we've sent out our first order to the RHS garden centres - so exciting!  If you know of any ideal outlets for our giftware, please let us know and do join in the chatter on Facebook or Twitter too.  We'd love to hear from you . 

Ooh update: we've just launched our new Scone Mix as well - so if you need a handy standby in your store cupboard or you're not yet a dab hand at making scones from scratch - here's the perfect solution!

NOVEMBER 2017 UPDATE:  The Sconery is growing! 

We've embarked on a Packing Barn and Office Development project

This is to create additional space for the growth and storage needs of The English Cream Tea Company and the project is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (Europe investing in rural areas). Isn't that great!  We'll add some photos when it's done.

Red gift tin by www.englishcreamtea.com with tea, sugar and British tea towel

The English Cream Tea Co Scone Mix is launched 2016