Tea Strainer or Brew Bags

These great quality metal Tea Strainers come with a drip dish to protect your cloth and the paper Brew Bags are like DIY teabags. Price includes mainland UK delivery.
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These stainless steel Tea Strainers are a lovely design and come with a drip dish to place the used strainer into, during your tea party. 

The Brew Bags are packed into a sealed packet of 35 of them - and these DIY 'teabags' made of paper, are brilliant for either making tea with loose leaf tea and Enhancers - or for popping flavouring ingredients into your gin or vodka!  Have a look at the Enhancers and decide which ones would literally enhance your cups of tea or drinks?  Then pop them into a Brew Bag and add to your cup/mug or glass!


Any queries, please call 01279 876661 prior to consuming. Always happy to help.

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