Afternoon Tea Etiquette Masterclass by Zoom

Zoom masterclass - the PERFECT way to become Palace ready!

Want to avoid making ‘mistakes’ with your manners or feeling embarrassed in a public place?

Are you ever concerned about using the correct manners when you’re out in a lovely hotel or charming tearoom? Perhaps you’re going to meet your future in-laws…or need to eat out with the boss!

Maybe you’re just fascinated to know the proper etiquette out of pure interest?

Let’s cover the following and much more:

    •    How to sit at the table and where to put your arms!
    •    How to hold your cutlery (uh oh!)
    •    How to hold your teacup and does it involve your little finger sticking out?
    •    Correct stirring technique (yes, there truly is one)
    •    Scone/Scon…Cream/Jam dilemmas!
    •    How to use your Napkin or Serviette (and which is it?)
    •    Tea/Milk first
    •    Pouring Tea
    •    Order of eating the food
    •    How to correctly prepare and eat a Scone
    •    Looking after others at the table
    •    What to do if you need to leave the table for a few minutes
    •    What to do if there’s a pip or gristle in your mouth!

...etc etc!!


Book up for a fun and informative class by Zoom with the expert Jane Malyon. You'll laugh, you'll learn and you'll leave feeling confident in your new status as an etiquette and manners expert!

Jane is the author of best selling book: Scone or Scon(e) - the essential guide to British Afternoon Tea.  She has given a TEDx talk called: How Afternoon Tea Could Save The World.  She organised and achieved the Guinness World Record for the largest English Cream Tea Party and she has coached on etiquette and manners in Fortnum and Mason and international top hotels.

Book now and we’ll be in touch to liaise about a day/time (UK hours between 10am and 7pm) that suits us and you.  Allow around 45 minutes for your Masterclass - you'll love it!

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