Award-winning recipes, remarkable Chocolate Brownie (the best) and even a GIANT slab for the major chocoholics out there or to share with others (SHARE???!).  Choose from Double Chocolate Brownie, Peppermint Brownie, Mocha Brownie or Orange Brownie - but there are no wrong decisions because they're ALL delicious!

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Picture of Chocolate Brownie Tin

Chocolate Brownie Tin


These Chocolate Brownies in a tin are described as 'legendary', 'awesome' and 'yummy'. They are award winning except for the year we were 'disqualified' from the Great Taste Awards because the judges said it was SO melt-in-the-mouth amazing, they didn't believe it actually was a brownie!!!

Picture of Chocolate Home Bake Scone Tin

Chocolate Home Bake Scone Tin


This delightful tin comes with everything you need to bake your own Chocolate Scones! Yes you read that right, Chocolate Scones. The perfect gift to give at Easter..... or to keep for yourself!

Picture of Easter Egg Chocolate Brownies

Easter Egg Chocolate Brownies


2 plump Chocolate Brownies in egg shapes for you. We'll post them out first class along with your gift message if it's for someone else. Delicious? Eggsactly!

Picture of Giant Chocolate Brownie Slab

Giant Chocolate Brownie Slab


Did someone say chocolate brownie? Well there's chocolate brownie, then there's this....... Our GIANT Chocolate Brownie Slab, award-winning and magnificent! *Makes a great gift to send for an individual, or for a group to share and enjoy!

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