Our teas are good for the planet! 

We thought you'd like to know, we source our jam/tea ingredients very carefully and they're grown in responsible ways:

Some varieties of our bushes yield leaves for a century so emissions associated with crop replanting are truly minimised. Tea is grown year round which, for tea garden workers, means a sustainable income. Our blends with Kenyan, Darjeeling or Sri Lanka luxury teas are hand-plucked so for almost all our products, the harvesting process consumes little fossil fuel and releases virtually no CO2. Tea plantations are net absorbers of CO2, one of the common gasses responsible for global warming and most use waste wood from exhausted bushes as renewable fuel sources which emit fewer emissions than fossil fuels. TEABAGS: Our pyramid tea bags are made from Soilon, a biodegradable material made from cornstarch, NOT plastics or nylon. SOIL: Fields are rotated and left fallow to rehabilitate soil. Where possible, Tea production is completely pesticide free. Highly elevated tea districts, (eg Kenyan/Darjeeling highlands, support tea growth without pesticides since pests that typically attack tea can't survive at the lofty altitudes! In rare cases where pesticides are used, great care is taken to ensure all growers meet and exceed EU or Japanese Minimum Residue Levels (most stringent in the industry). CARBON NEUTRAL/NEGATIVE: Our tea supplier became carbon neutral in 2011 by planting 15000 trees and supporting some endangered species, preserved wetland and mature forest. The processing factory's roof supports a 500 kwh Solar Array generating over 4 times the amount of electricity the building consumes, making it one of the 1st global carbon negative tea co.s. Sustainable tea surely tastes better?  We hope you agree!

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Picture of Christmas Time for Tea Gift Tin

Christmas Time for Tea Gift Tin


This beautiful tin offers 5 different Christmas inspired teas to try...... from The Nutcracker to Mulled Cider to Gingerbread Tea! The perfect Christmas Gift! Price includes UK postage.

Picture of Cut Out The Caffeine Tea Tin

Cut Out The Caffeine Tea Tin


This charming gift tin is perfect for those who prefer Decaffeinated Teas - or those that are "teatoxing". Luxury ingredients in either loose leaf form or silken tea bags (no plastics!) and beautifully presented - who do you know that would love this gift? Price includes UK mainland delivery.

Picture of Dessert Trolley Teas

Dessert Trolley Teas


Who do you know that is a pudding person? These teas are perfect for those who want a dessert 'hit' but without any calories! From Maple Syrup Pancakes Tea to Strawberries & Cream Tea - this charming tin is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Price includes mainland UK delivery.

Picture of Jam for Tea Hamper

Jam for Tea Hamper


The cutest seagrass hamper filled with all 5 of our delicious luxury preserves and tied with a silky ribbon. Tea time just got promoted! Price includes mainland UK delivery.

Picture of Luxury Jams and Preserves

Luxury Jams and Preserves


Absolutely delicious (and as far from run-of-the-mill as you can get) range of preserves focussing on British ingredients. Choose any 2 and we'll wrap and post them out (standard post) asap after your order arrives to rescue your cake, toast or scones!!

Picture of Tea Blenders Kit - Earl Grey

Tea Blenders Kit - Earl Grey


Who do you know that enjoys Earl Grey tea and would love to blend their own perfect cuppa? This Kit provides everything they need to become their own Earl Grey blend - like an expert Teasmith! Price includes mainland UK delivery.

Picture of Tea Blenders Kit - Health & Wellness

Tea Blenders Kit - Health & Wellness


This kit comes with Green Tea + ingredients to create your health & wellness brew! Become your own Tea Infusiast! Price includes UK mainland delivery.

Picture of Tea Enhancers

Tea Enhancers

Make your tea your perfect tea - Choose from our range of delicious enhancers to add to your tea - or even your Gin!

Picture of Tea Sippers Tin

Tea Sippers Tin


Such a pretty gift tin filled with 6 different types of tea, all in pyramid tea bag form. 36 tea bags in all filled with high quality tea. A taste adventure! Price includes delivery to mainland UK.

Picture of Teas in Looseleaf Form

Teas in Looseleaf Form


Chose from our wide selection of delicious high quality loose leaf teas, from Custard Tart to Pina Colada Tea! Any 3 tins for £16.50 including free delivery.

Picture of Teas in Teabags

Teas in Teabags


Go on a taste adventure with our range of fine tea. Choose from our traditional and refreshing English Breakfast Tea through to unusual Apple Pie Tea! Ten pyramid-style teabags per tin OR loose leaf tea assortments too. Any 3 for £18.

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