Tea Blenders Kit - Earl Grey

Who do you know that enjoys Earl Grey tea and would love to blend their own perfect cuppa? This Kit provides everything they need to become their own Earl Grey blend - like an expert Teasmith! Price includes mainland UK delivery.
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Ever wanted to become your own Tea Blender?  This kit comes with a wonderful 'base tea' of Earl Grey along with 10 'brew bags' (like giant teabags) plus 4 delicious Enhancers to mix and match and flavour your cup as you like.  If you enjoy a more citrussy Earl Grey, then add a pinch or so of the dried Orange.  Like a more floral version?  Then add a little Lavender or Rose Petals and so on.  You can order extra ingredients if you need (see them on the Postables section of this website) and we'll post them out to you with pleasure.  Prices include UK postage.


Your Tea Blender's kit contains

Earl Grey loose leaf fine quality 20g approx

Blue Cornflower Petals 2g approx

Sweet Airdried Seville Orange Peel 7g approx

Tuscan Rose Petals 4g approx

French Lavender 3g approx

Brew Bags x 10


PS  Just to mention, ahem, that a pinch or so of your favourite Enhancer in one of the brew bags might also be delicious in your Gin. Just sayin'!

EARL GREY: Black tea from Sri Lanka, natural flavours, high in antioxidants with a medium amount of caffeine

BLUE CORNFLOWER PETALS: Caffeine free Cornflower Petals from Provence, France

SWEET AIR-DRIED SEVILLE ORANGE PEEL Caffeine free Orange peel from Seville, France

TUSCAN ROSE PETALS: Caffeine free Rose Buds and Petals from Tuscany, Italy

FRENCH LAVENDER: Caffeine free Lavender from Provence, France

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