Become the best ever gift giver!  

The mission of the Scone Gnomes here is to help you be that gift-giving hero - and for your lucky recipients to be more delighted by your choice of present than any other!

Of course, you can order these award-winning brownies, cream tea scones, teas, shortbread and afternoon tea hampers for your own enjoyment too. You can also experience special events at The Secret Sconery to be utterly indulged with the loveliest of treats. You can even book for an Etiquette Masterclass!

Our TEDx talk is 'How Afternoon Tea Could Save The World' - because we love the sharing, rapport-filled, considerate behaviour associated with teatime etiquette. If we can’t quite Save The World today, can we at least help you to delight clients, friends and family?

Don’t send predictable, dull presents that are forgotten in a day. Let us deliver extraordinary British gifts and hampers (to UK and further) with your personalised message. Look in our Gift Shop or call us on 01279 876661. We’re on standby to be put to work for you! The people who receive your gifts will indeed think you are a gift-giving hero so who do you know that would adore to receive a charming and delicious gift from The English Cream Tea Company?

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