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Stay safe but connected - and keep the treats flowing! We're still open for business.

We're in unprecedented times. Follow our Facebook page for supportive tips, competitions and fun. We're even organising online Virtual Tea Parties, so email if you'd like to join in! The Scone Gnomes here are fit, well, have gloves/masks and 5 star hygiene status - and are still able to send out treats, hampers, vouchers and cakey goodness. There may need to be a 'bit of give' over a few ingredients or exact timing of deliveries, but we're doing our darndest to keep you supplied in gifts for others...or for yourselves! DO GIVE PLENTY OF NOTICE for your orders though - some days we're completely sold out especially near Easter! If the order just won't go through, try another date therefore. Any queries, call us on +44 (0)1279 876661. PS Who do you know who could do with a Care Package gift at £16.75 including UK post? Click on the banner for those treats. 

PS: Our TEDx talk is 'How Afternoon Tea Could Save The World' with the message being about all the caring, sharing, rapport and considerate behaviour associated with teatime etiquette. We're here to support and love you and you can always get in touch if you need a bit of that. xx

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