Door-Opening Marketing Success

If you've tried reaching out to specific new clients and been stopped by the gatekeepers - our bespoke hampers have a fantastic track record of opening doors! Can we give you some marketing ideas or work with your own?

Case study: 

So on behalf of one client, we created and sent out 17 super-special afternoon tea hampers in enticing chilled boxes (look at the charming design - if that arrived, you wouldn't ignore it, would you!) complete with our client's USB stick and marketing materials and a co-branded tag saying something like: Please can we talk?.....

It was a great marketing idea and the result? They gained face to face meetings with 13 of those impossible-to-reach clients within 2 weeks.  Months and months of being rebuffed - and then, success!


Case study:

Another client produces cider.  They wanted the big supermarkets to try a new range, to fall in love with it and, of course, order it.  However, they had already been turned down by some of their targets, without even trying the product.  We embarked on a campaign for them of creating delightful rope hampers filled with their products and some of ours (including fresh cream teas of course!), sent with an enticing message.  Our couriers delivered countrywide on our client's behalf so all the targets received them at around the same time. 

The result?  Recipients who had previously said NO - changed their minds and orders were placed.

Let us create charming items that can melt away barriers as a way of saying Please Can We Do Business Together. 


Saying Thank you: 

Retention of clients AND staff is very important.  It's a fickle world out there.  However, loyalty CAN be bought!  That's slightly tongue in cheek but there is truth in it.  People want to feel appreciated, not taken for granted.  Even the smallest touchpoint can make someone feel special.  Take these absolutely delicious award-winning Chocolate Brownies.  They are wickedly good.  Just yesterday we got a thank you for our thank you (!) and  told they are 'bl**dy marvellous'.  They are!

Sending out a tin of Tin of Chocolate Brownies (or even a giant box of chocolate brownie for a team- enough for 30-ish people to enjoy) could be just the sweet touch that helps people know they're important to you.  Again, if it's a campaign of Thanks (aww), we'll create co-branded tags and ensure your clients know this is you sending a virtual and delicious hug to them.



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