English Brownie Tin

These Tins of Double Chocolate English Brownies are described as 'legendary', 'awesome' and 'yummy' and they are award winning except for the year we were 'disqualified' from the Great Taste Awards because the judges said it was SO melt-in-the-mouth and amazing, they didn't believe it actually was a brownie!!!
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Rich and delicious, your Brownie is packed into a lovely tin and sent first class by Royal Mail in the UK (complete with your gift message if it's for someone else) with postage included in the price. This is a really delightful and extremely chocolatey treat!   

Please note that sometimes the flatter tin is unavailable, in which case we change this gift and use a different tin instead (same quantity of brownie deliciousness, different charming presentation).


Chocolate, eggs, caster sugar, plain wheat flour, butter, vanilla essence, salt. GLUTEN FREE versions have GF rice flour instead. NB We don’t directly use sesame seeds/nuts in our products but they are stored in our kitchens + our suppliers of flour/chocolate never guarantee absence in their premises.

STORAGE: Your Brownie loves to be cool and wrapped.
It will last 3 months wrapped in your freezer, 3 weeks wrapped in your fridge
and about 8 days at room temperature - if you can resist it that long!!

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