A welcome gift assures a warm welcome

Whether it's welcoming a new client to shared offices...new staff members...or even someone relocating from abroad - to have a charming Welcome Gift awaiting their arrival, sets the tone.  It tells them they're valued, you're looking forward to their arrival and they are indeed WELCOME!

This might be a small-touch gift on their new desk/ofice area such as this charming combination of tea, sweet treats and a tea towel - so they can hit the ground running in their new place! It's also proven to improve the Net Promoter Scores too.

It might be a chilled, Fresh Afternoon Tea for Two hamper awaiting someone moving to the UK from overseas (and nothing says Welcome to Britain like an afternoon tea!).

It could be a team gift, such as a giant chocolate brownie or a wide assortment of teas for the team to have fun exploring. 

If you're an Estate Agent and want to leave some Shortbread shaped like houses (aww!) in the kitchen of the sold house, ready to welcome the new owners - that would be charming. If you've arranged their mortgage - that's a nice touch to send when they move in, too.

We can create bespoke gifts in all price ranges, so do let us know what you need - by email or phone: 01279 876661 

What you're really saying, when you provide a welcome gift is - welcome to a place where you're valued and special.  And we all want that.



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