Giant Chocolate Brownie Slab

Did someone say chocolate brownie? Well there's chocolate brownie, then there's this....... Our GIANT Chocolate Brownie Slab, award-winning and magnificent! This delicious fresh product lasts 3 weeks in a fridge or 2 months in a freezer. Price includes mainland UK delivery. *Makes a great gift to send for an individual, or for a group to share and enjoy!
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Whether it's for a replace the family Christmas Cake...or for an individual who really, really, really likes Chocolate Brownie - this is the Chocolate Brownie Slab to beat them all!

Impressive, delicious and able to be frozen if you just want to eat it a sliver at a time (as if!) -  this is the Daddy of all Chocolate Brownies.  :D

NB  Contains dairy, sugar, chocolate and gluten (although of course, the gluten-free version, available from January 2021, will not have gluten...:D)

Go for it - make someone smile by sending them this huge treat. We reckon it could be shared by about 20 not-very-greedy people!!

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