ALL Gift Vouchers plus E vouchers

These exciting Gift Vouchers can be sent out 1st class in a box or supplied by email as an E-Voucher! Choose from the drop down list below which voucher you want - then if you want an E-Voucher emailed, tick that box!
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Instructions on how to use the Voucher are printed on it - so the recipient just has to call us on 01279 876661 and quote the code provided, to liaise about delivery for a Tuesday to Friday of their choosing (except Christmas time).  They can also let us know if they are vegetarian or dislike smoked salmon etc!  

Here's the link to what the delightful Afternoon Cream Tea For Two contains...and what's in the Afternoon Cream Tea for Four.  Very special deliveries indeed and a gorgeous gift for special people or special occasions.  A PERFECT GIFT!  

We can also send out vouchers for the Scone of the Month Club - and the recipient will start receiving them in the middle of the following month (unless you tell us otherwise)! 

E-vouchers are available in £25 and in £40 denominations too - we'll email them to you and the lucky receiver can put them towards goodies or even coming to afternoon tea in The Secret Sconery (when events are allowed to happen again easily!).

So if you've left it REALLY LATE to organise a gift, don't despair - we might still be able to assist with one of the lovely E-Voucher options emailed to you.  Phew!!



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