Do you know we are the ONLY company to deliver fresh Afternoon Tea hampers all over mainland UK.  We’re completely unique!

Customer Service and other Awards

We love the tastes, etiquette and tradition involved in this treat and we care hugely about making your order as lovely as possible.  Every order is handmade by the Scone Gnomes - truly with care and hugs and we’ve won Great Taste awards for our delicious products.  However, perhaps even more importantly, we’ve won customer service awards too - and that means a lot to us.  That part reflects how much we value and take care of YOU and your orders!  

Nelson Mandela said that Afternoon Tea was Britain’s greatest export - of course it is! Well, we take the traditions of English Cream Tea and Afternoon Tea very seriously and want you to enjoy the best that this treat offers.  

Guinness World Record

We even have the Guinness World Record for the largest English Cream Tea Party - and were featured in the 2013 album.  Such fun!

Unusual Protocol

In the first place, to be able to deliver these goodies beautifully, we contacted the companies that move human organs around for operations and asked how they kept their precious cargo safe, chilled and protected.  We then copied the protocol, proved that the goods were kept chilled to the Environmental Health Dept - and we were in business!

TEDx Talk on Afternoon Tea

MD Jane Malyon's TEDx talk is How Afternoon Tea Could Save The World (and we believe that).  
Watch it here.


We’re actually world experts on the subject and our book is Scone or Scon(e) - the Essential Guide to British Afternoon Tea  - and we can even sign a copy for you, if you wish (just let us know when you order).

We’ve been featured on the BBC, BBC radio, Sunday Times, The Guardian, Woman and Home Magazine, British Airways High Life and more….as well as being filmed by numerous other countries including Russia and Taiwan.

Many of the products are developed by the Scone Gnomes and our delicious PreservesScone Mix bags and fine Tea ranges are our own.  
Etiquette Resource

We love the etiquette too - partly for the long-standing tradition and ‘niceness’ surrounding it and even more for the consideration, rapport and kindness shown at tea time.  We have around 15 videos on Instagram or YouTube about manners - click here for one.

Top Training

Our founder and Chief Scone Gnome (!) Jane has lectured and trained on etiquette and history in Fortnum and Mason’s and also international top hotels and establishments.  She also gives keynote talks to business conferences about transferring teatime etiquette into business harmony and customer care.  

Jane also helps to run @CreamTeaHour on Twitter and blogs for numerous business or related magazines.

In Other Words

We really do know about Afternoon Tea and English Cream Tea.  It’s our ‘thing’!  We’re authentic and expert and love everything about it.  You have reached the home of this great tradition and we can either send out treats to you or you can even come to our event tearoom, The Secret Sconery. Come and meet the Scone Gnomes or call us with any queries (business or personal). We’re here to help and of course, the kettle’s always on!

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