Picture for blog post How do English drink their tea?

How do English drink their tea?

What tea do the English drink?

There is one clear answer to the question: what tea do the English drink?  Typically, the British are known for their Builder’s Tea!!  That is a fairly strong brew of English Breakfast tea (a black tea), with added milk and sometimes sugar.  Indeed, English Breakfast Tea is the most commonly enjoyed variety and if you were at a friend’s house in the UK and were offered a cup of tea, it’s extremely likely you would be brought English Breakfast variety.  

Another popular type here is Earl Grey - a more floral black tea, sometimes drunk without milk.  It’s said that Her Majesty The Queen drinks a tea that mixes in a third of Earl Grey with two thirds of English Breakfast.  

The consumption of green tea is rising as well as fruit teas and peppermint tea (or even fresh mint tea).  Also millennials are known for swapping their dessert for a non-fattening, naturally-sweet tea.  We sell examples of this such as our Apple Pie Tea or Custard Tart Tea - flavoursome, sweet by nature and just right to end your meal.

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