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Scone or Scon? Cream or Jam first

Wednesday, February 9, 2022
What must overseas folks think of us? I’ve never yet seen Americans arguing over the order of mustard or ketchup on their hotdogs. Yet, the number of man hours spent on debating whether this little cake is called a Scone or 'Scon' or whether the cream or jam goes on first, is ridiculous! How very British of us!
Picture for blog post What tea do the English Drink?

What tea do the English Drink?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

What tea do the English drink?

We Brits love our English Breakfast tea and lots of it!! Of course, some like it weak with lots of milk (and often, sugar too) and others like it so strong you can 'stand your spoon up in it' (not literally!).  Indeed, typically, the British are known for their Builder’s Tea - a strong brew of English Breakfast black tea (a black tea) with added milk.  This would more often be offered in a mug rather than a cup and saucer if you're in someone's home.

We've noticed in other countries that we'll be offered fruit tea, green tea and other varieties in friends' houses but over here in the UK, you will almost always be offered 'good ol' English Breakfast Tea'.  This might be made with loose leaf tea in a tea pot with a knitted tea cosy over the top to keep it warmer whilst it brews, too!!  That teapot might even be large and round and that's known as a Brown Betty!! 


Tea is an important punctuation mark throughout our day though and the phrase 'put the kettle on' can be heard throughout the land.  If there's a sadness, an occasion, a return from a trip, a friend visiting or just because....our answer is always to have a good British cuppa!

Picture for blog post The Uncivil History of Afternoon Tea (bad behaviour behind the teapot)!

The Uncivil History of Afternoon Tea (bad behaviour behind the teapot)!

Sunday, March 10, 2019
Nelson Mandela called our afternoon tea, Britain’s greatest export! I couldn’t agree more and treasure this tradition with its treats, manners and etiquette. However, when researching my book 'Scone or Scon(e) - the essential guide to British Afternoon Tea' there were shocking examples of bad behaviour behind the teapot to be found.
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