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The Queen’s Jubilee 2022 - Tea Party Ideas

There will be street parties and tea parties going on all over Great Britain to celebrate this historic moment: The Queen's Jubilee 2022.

I know that I’m involved in a very special Right Royal Tea Party on Saturday 4th June here at our own events tea room, The Secret Sconery!
 Guests will be wearing red, white and blue and the Champagne will be flowing!

I thought I would mention a few ideas for your Queen’s Platinum celebrations - some teatime treats you could make.

Of course, there should be sandwiches to start (that’s a typical afternoon tea ‘first course’!) but make them delicate, cut the crusts off and present them prettily with uniform cutting, if you can.  Think about garnishes - from halved cherry tomatoes to sprigs of parsley or rosemary….or strawberry halves (leave the short stems on for a spot of green colour) to rings of red pepper.  These all help to make the sandwiches look fresh and appetising - and do protect the bread from drying out with clingfilm or even damp kitchen towel and clingfilm - removed just before the eating commences!!  It's fine to make these the day before and keep them in the fridge.

Popular sandwich fillings include egg mayonnaise with a sprinkling of mustard cress….cheddar and pickle…ham and mustard…beef with horseradish…smoked salmon with lemon….cream cheese and cucumber and also Coronation chicken! We have suggestions for vegan sandwiches on our TikTok account  as well as presentation and garnish videos too plus lots of teatime ideas on our YouTube English Cream TV channel.

Children tend to prefer plainer fillings such as plain cheese, plain ham….or jam sandwiches - though in our experience, the adults pounce on the jam ones first!  The Queen is supposed to enjoy Penny Rounds - small round sandwiches filled with jam! They will be part of our menu for the day too.

Another savoury treat might be miniature prawn cocktails.  In Great Britain, we use a Marie Rose sauce over the prawns and lettuce.  A simple version can be made by mixing tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.  Present your mini prawn cocktails with a tea spoon.

Scones, clotted cream and jam are a delicious part of the afternoon tea as well.  If you are stuck for a decent scone recipe, I’ll be sending one out to our our mailing list soon (just email me to be added to that).  The order you add the cream and jam to your broken-open scone is up to you.  People from Devon say the cream goes first and those from Cornwall insist the cream goes on top.  Some people like to add butter to their scones first too - just saying :D

An assortment of cakes will be welcome (along with copious amounts of cups of tea to drink!) and one option is to cut up and present tray bakes such as lemon drizzle cake, coffee and walnut cake, Victoria sponge cake and more.  A good addition though is a meringue whirl, because children and adults seem to universally love them and they contain no gluten either.  We often also offer pots of colourful jellies as a refreshing ‘course’ and these are loved by adults and youngsters alike!

We’re in the lucky position of knowing in advance if any of our guests are vegan, gluten free, have nut allergies and so on - but if you don’t know, do be aware of these sorts aspects when you prepare and offer the food.

Above all though, have fun - sprinkle in some bunting or Royal colours and tableware - and have some special times during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 4 day weekend. What a fabulous occasion. Hip hip hooray!!

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