What is a cream tea in England?

What is a Cream Tea in England?

 English Cream Tea scones

First of all, if you’re planning a trip over here, DO enjoy a cream tea in England when you can!

Have no fear that it’s a revolting mixture of pouring cream into your tea (no, never do that!).  
Instead it’s an age old tradition of enjoying 4 things together as a teatime (or elevenses) sort of treat:

* Scones (a little bit like American ‘biscuits’ but more risen)

* Clotted Cream (a super-thick, delicious fresh cream made by scalding the milk and letting the fats rise).  Alas this isn’t easily available in many countries - excepting a far-less-nice UHT version, so whilst in the UK, be sure to buy a tub from a supermarket of Fresh Clotted Cream
* Jam (usually Strawberry but could be Blackcurrant…Raspberry or something more unusual)

* A cup of tea (usually English Breakfast or Earl Grey)

Those are the components of English Cream Tea, nothing else!  A delicious treat to be enjoyed at any time of day but particularly teatime! :D

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